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Food Bag

Shenzhen Qili Hui packaging products Co. Ltd is caivi holding companies, located in Shenzhen Longhua, the transportation is convenient, is caivi holding Shenzhen business department and product customization center.
Choi Fai Holdings has set up production base in Shenzhen, Huizhou and Zhongshan, is a more than eighteen years of production experience in packaging manufacturing brand enterprises, providing one-stop packaging design, plate making, production services. Specializing in the production of various high-quality food packaging bags, composite bag, vacuum bag, bag, aluminum foil bag, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging bags, all kinds of exotic promotional bags; all kinds of industrial packaging bags, plastic bags, card bags, bags, shrink label. In order to improve the product matching, the recent new Komori 6+1UV printing machine and kraft paper bag automatic production line, producing paper bags, color boxes, high-quality food boxes and other packaging products.
Our customers are now engaged in various fields of food, clothing, toys, retail, stationery, electronics, gifts, health care, aquatic products, decoration, chemicals, pesticides and so on. Since its inception, mainly processing materials, and gradually developed into a set of food packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging diversified development of professional chemical plants.
Factory through ISO9001:2008 certification, food packaging QS certification and a number of SGS environmental certification, products through the European Union food grade 2002/72/EC standards. After years of development, products have sold well in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide.
Production products:
» Food packaging: plastic food bags, composite bag, cooking bag, vacuum bag, nylon bag, vertical zipper bags, aluminum foil bags, tea bags, candy bags, powder bag, rice bag, cosmetic bag, medicine bag, pesticide bag mask mask bags, plastic bags, sealing film, bag, bowl shaped antistatic foil bag.
»Business package: HDPE, LDPE, PPE, EVA, CPE flat bag, vest bag, bag, bag, bag, sling ear fork ear bag, wearing rope bag, patch bag, courier bags, courier bags, advertising bags, bedding bag, sticky bone bag, bone bag, film and blow leaflets.
»Card head bag / envelope bag: bag accessories: OPP, PP, OPP/PP, OPP/VMPET/CPE card head bag, card bag, envelope bag, R bag, paper bags, jewelry bags, stationery bags, boutique bags.
»Gift packing bag: PVC cosmetic bag, handbag, ID card cover bag, rope bag, advertising bag and bedding bag. Inflatable bag, jewelry bag, wine bag, PP box, PP folder, PP and PVC wine box, gift box.
»Self adhesive shrinkage labels: PVC, PET, PP, POF, color shrinkage film, mineral water label, beverage labels, product labels; POF, PP environmental shrinkable film, PE stretch film, PP belt bag.
»Environmental protection non-woven bag: non-woven gift bags (bags) shopping bag, CD bag, bag, bag, cosmetic bag, flocking suits, high-grade wine bags, high-grade quilt bags, bags, laundry bags, travel bag.


»Paper bags, paper bags, paper bags, paper boxes, card box, pit boxes, boxes, packaging boxes, gift boxes, wine boxes, food boxes, brochures, brochures, stickers and other.
»Packaging design, logo design, packaging design, enterprise VI design, book design, visual design.
 We will be rich experience, strict management, with the company's advanced production equipment, according to customer needs, in the shortest possible time, to provide the most suitable raw materials and quality products.

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